Monday, January 18, 2016

Educators on social media

@mathhombre: Math Professor from GVSU who tweets often about teaching, math, games and Geogebra.
@delta_dc: GVSU math ed. professor who is interested in engagement, math literacy and design thinking. 
@beckysteele: 6th grade math teacher at Bursley Elementary 
@tmaynard5: 8th grade math teacher in Zeeland who discusses a lot of technology 
@abusch38: a math teacher in Boulder, CO who discusses a lot about the NCTM practices 
@ddmeyer: CAO of Desmos 
@DrEugeniaCheng: Pure Mathematician and writer 
@TypeAMathLand: 4th grade math teacher in North Carolina
@amymasko: GVSU professor of English Education 

Youtube: Math educator that creates videos for homeschooled students in Atlanta. Math professor that makes lessons public Educational videos in all subject areas 


PylesofMath: Middle School math teacher 
CrewtonRamone: Math Tutor
Teachability: Teachers leading discussions on what goes on in their classrooms 
Blocht574: Math teacher who posts activities happening in his classroom 
Dbraman: Math teacher and edtech enthusiast
HappyChappies: highly educational montessori school in Kuwait

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