Friday, January 29, 2016


I have created a Feedly account and I now follow my blog via Feedly.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

50 word bio

My name is Sarah Park and I am a future teacher leader studying mathematics and elementary education. I am a believer of the integration of technology in the classroom and I love the implementation of a "flipped" classroom. I strongly believe that building trust amongst your students is key.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Blogs in Education

A blog is a great tool for the classroom and there are many great ways of using them!

If you are thinking about the English content area, blogging can improve your students' writing skills. They can help build confidence in writing and give your students a voice. I would love to use blogging as an extra component in writing because it is more creative and can spark students interested in writing when they may otherwise not be interested.

Unlike other writing platforms, I think blogs are great at organizing student work. This makes it easier for the teacher and the student. I know I would have loved that aspect of having all of my work in one place as a student.

For my classroom, I would love to have one blog that is for the whole class, much like some of the ones I found in my last post. I would link videos and articles that are relevant to the students and give them additional web sources and tools that could help them if they are struggling with homework. But I also love that they then could have their own blog. I think they would take their work seriously if they knew it is being published to the world. It teaches them great skills that they need to know later in life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Educator Blogs This blog is written by David Coffey, a math education professor at GVSU. His posts are about educational practices as well as math activities that he has performed in classrooms or works on with preservice teachers. This blog is written by Mark Pullen, a third grade teacher in a 1:1 classroom in East Grand Rapids. He also manages a math league website. He adds a lot of informational links that can be used in any K-8 classroom. This blog tells it like it is- putting a funny take on education. She gives helpful insights on how to manage your classroom without getting too stressed! Mark is a funny guy who works as a substitute teacher. I love it because he has been blogging for many years so there is a lot of archived material. This K-5 teacher discusses ways that teachers can incorporate technology into the classroom in order to aid in the creating of life-long learners. I love a lot of her posts because they are really focused on math ed. I like this blog because Denise is a homeschool teacher who aims to help all math teachers. Her philiosophy is that math can be taught and be thought of as games. This blog is for the P.E. department of an elementary school. I like it because it is well organized and because I do not know much information pertaining to P.E/health education. Helps students learning English as a second language in the K-8 years. I like this site because I was able to find good resources for my classroom, which has many ELL students. Michael talks about education at an administrative level. You can tell that he once was a teacher and principal and is now a superintendent. I like this blog because that is the career path I myself would like to take. I like Crystal's blog because I had not seen one like this before. She discusses how to survive on your salary so that you can focus on the important things in life, like your classroom and students!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Educators on social media

@mathhombre: Math Professor from GVSU who tweets often about teaching, math, games and Geogebra.
@delta_dc: GVSU math ed. professor who is interested in engagement, math literacy and design thinking. 
@beckysteele: 6th grade math teacher at Bursley Elementary 
@tmaynard5: 8th grade math teacher in Zeeland who discusses a lot of technology 
@abusch38: a math teacher in Boulder, CO who discusses a lot about the NCTM practices 
@ddmeyer: CAO of Desmos 
@DrEugeniaCheng: Pure Mathematician and writer 
@TypeAMathLand: 4th grade math teacher in North Carolina
@amymasko: GVSU professor of English Education 

Youtube: Math educator that creates videos for homeschooled students in Atlanta. Math professor that makes lessons public Educational videos in all subject areas 


PylesofMath: Middle School math teacher 
CrewtonRamone: Math Tutor
Teachability: Teachers leading discussions on what goes on in their classrooms 
Blocht574: Math teacher who posts activities happening in his classroom 
Dbraman: Math teacher and edtech enthusiast
HappyChappies: highly educational montessori school in Kuwait


The NCTM is the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. It is the world's largest mathematics education organization. You can find out more about them through their social media outlets:
Facebook Twitter There are different options for a membership. An individual membership is $90 a year, while a student membership is $45 a year. There are also options for schools to be members. Full individual membership is designed to meet the needs of those reaching students, including teachers, administrators, specialists, coaches, teacher-educators, and others. Individuals who care about the quality of mathematics education provided to students, who want to ensure they are engaging students and encouraging them to meet their fullest potential are members of NCTM. Members get access to many newsletters, articles and professional development opportunities for free or at a reduced cost. You also become a part of a network of thousands of math ed. educators that you can connect with. Members also get access to lessons, problems applets and more to use in your classroom. There is a research journal which can be included in your membership for an additional cost. 
There are many different conferences and events throughout the year. For example, in February they are having a conference on Effective Teaching with Principles to Actions. Principles to Actions is one of their textbooks. The conference is 2 days in Dallas and it costs $380 for an individual if they are a member or $420 if not a member. There are also discounts for schools and groups. There is also an annual meeting and exposition which is in San Fransisco in April of this year. There are many different pricing options for this conference as well. There is even a student registration price of $182. 
I really like this organization and I have worked a lot with their standards and text, Principles to Action in some of my previous classes. 

The MICTM is the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics. I could not find them on any social media websites. 
They have a few membership options. It costs $35 for a regular membership or $17.50 for a student. A membership gives you access to their newsletter which comes out 3-4 times a year, their journal which is published twice a year and their annual report. You also have access to other outsides resources like links and assessment tools. 
They do have an annual conference which is being held in July this year in Traverse City. 
This organization works closely with the Michigan Department of Education and even offers many scholarships for teachers. 

About Me

Hi, my name is Sarah Park. I am in Section 1 of EDT 370 this semester. I am studying Elementary Education and Math. I hope to teach in an upper elementary/middle school after I graduate, which is December of this year.
I enjoy playing soccer, spending time with friends and family, and of course, working with children. I work as a substitute teacher and am a nanny for several families.
I do not have that much experience when it comes to the planning and implementation of technology in the classroom. I have created a few lessons that use Geogebra or the use of the internet and I have been in classrooms where students use IPads but that is really it. I have a Weebly that I update regularly and I use Twitter for educational purposes.
This is a photo of me from a family vacation out west last summer. It was one of my favorite vacations that I have ever been on.

A school that I work at a lot is Jeffers Elementary. I have been a tutor for students at this school and I am a substitute teacher there as well. It is a part of Spring Lake Public Schools, which is where I graduated from.