Saturday, February 13, 2016

Technology in my classroom

In my first grade classroom, the technology that is in the classroom is a set of 5 Ipads, and the projector at the front of the room. The projector connects to both the laptop computer that the teacher has as well as the document camera which is similar to an ELMO.
As of right now, the IPADS do not get used very often because there are only 5 and we have 26 students in the classroom. We use them during our language arts centers in the mornings which we call Daily 5. The students at that station work on the RAZkids app for usually about 15 minutes before they have to switch to a different group. That app requires the student to follow along with a story and answer comprehension questions. I like it because it is based on their skill level.
The only other time the Ipads are used are for our ELL students. Sometimes if there is an assignment or something going on that they will not understand, they will work on an app which is similar to Rosetta Stone. They work on just learning basic letters and numbers.
There is a computer lab in the school which they usually go to once a week and typically work on a website similar to RazKids.
The projector at the front of the classroom is hooked to the document camera which is just used to project work to help explain work to students. The computer is hooked to the projector when they want to use GoNoodle or to show Youtube videos but that is usually about it. 

I would like the IPads to be used as a center for another subject, such as math. I think the kids would enjoy using apps from other content areas.